Nevalea Fenshu ($1000)

Nevalea Fenshu ($1000)

Nevalea Fenshu
IAR: 1011387
Colour: White


Fenshu is a very well put together young man.  He has excellent crimp and lustre, as well as a nice dense fleece.
He has really grown into his own over the last year.
he is a very non fuss breeder and get on with his job, getting most females in cria on the first mating.
His first & second crop of cria are on the ground and we are blown away by the quality, they all have very dense knotty fleeces and very good confirmation, we are looking forward to showing them this season. 
please go to his stud page to view his progeny, as you can see he throws a diverse range of colours when mated to dark browns and blacks

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