• Soft Toy Alpaca 20cm
    These are really cute and are a popular soft alpaca toy.
    NZ$ 14.50
  • Soft Toy Alpaca
    These are really cute and are a popular soft alpaca toy.
    NZ$ 22.50
  • 100% Alpaca Toy
    These gorgeous real hide alpaca toys are extremely soft and cuddly,
    approx. 30cm tall
    Out Of Stock
  • 100% Spotted Alpaca Toy
    This little alpaca is made from 100% Alpaca hide and is extremely soft.
    NZ$ 75.00
    Out Of Stock
  • Choke the Teddy Bear
    Choko is made from 100% baby alpaca,
    he is extremely soft and cuddley, Choko would make a perfect gift.
    NZ$ 64.50
  • Cute Toy Alpaca's
    Gorgeous little toy alpaca’s with a collar.
    they are very soft and loveable
    NZ$ 18.50
  • George the Lion
    George is a gorgeous 100% Baby Alpaca Lion,
    he would make the perfect gift for young or old as he is extemely soft and cuddley
    NZ$ 61.84
  • Handknitted Dolls
    These gorgeous Dolls have been lovingly handknitted from acylic yarn,
    they would make a perfect gift for that speical person
  • Paca Buddies
    This cute little toy makes the perfect alpaca lover gift. Take one to the office to keep you company. Of course alpacas do not like to be alone so you might want to get a complete set!
    NZ$ 20.00
  • Scotty Dogs
    These cute Scotty Dogs are hand kitted and come with a collar.
    perfect gift for any age, come in all different colour's and will be sent out as random
    They are approximately 6inchs long and 4inchs high
    made from acrylic yarn
    NZ$ 7.50
  • Tito the Teddy Bear
    This gorgeous little Teddy Bear is made from 100% Baby Alpaca, he is very soft and would make a perfect gift.
    NZ$ 61.84
    Out Of Stock
  • Topsy Turvy Dolls
    these cute little topsy turvy dolls have been hand knitted from acylic yarn,
    they come in several different characters.
    perfect for that doll loving little girl or boy, plus would make a great gift for that special someone
    NZ$ 65.00