Dyeing and Activity Kits

These kits are affordable without being cheap. Simple, quality and real.
  • Natural Dye Kit
    Explore the world of botanical dying - use leaves, flowers, bark or lichen. Natural dying is a simple process which involves simmering natural materials in water, simmering the wool in a mordant powder (included in the kit), then combining the wool and the dye. No special equipment is needed - just access to a stove-top, a pot and a garden or park. Children will need assistance. Full colour instructions, foraging guide and mordant powder (enough to dye 100g wool) included in the kit.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • Science and Craft Activity Pack
    The Science & Craft Activity Pack includes 2 x 50g balls natural wool, 250g unprocessed, cleaned lambs fleece wool, a 6-page activity booklet including both science and craft activities and a botanical dying instruction booklet and mordant powder.
    This pack can be used by an individual child or a class of up to 20 students to share the different activities and materials.
    NZ$ 30.00