Village Blanket Kit

Village Blanket Kit
The Village Blanket concept is simple and suitable for anyone with basic knitting skills. The kit includes instructions for 7 stitch patterns that can be knit in squares or long strips. Combine them together or use on their own. The 7 stitch patterns are chosen because they are SIMPLE. Even if they don't look it. Anything goes, and The Sheep's Back wool is extremely economical - you're buying directly from the woolgrower, making it perfect for knitting blankets without breaking the bank.

Knit using double strand wool (knit from 2 balls at once), on large needles - make for yourself or a gift. This is an efficient and interesting way to knit a larger item like a blanket.
Note - photo shown on left is an example of how the different stitch patterns can be used. This example was knitted on larger needles (12mm).
Included in the kit:
- 750g wool (7 x 100g, 1 x 50g balls), The Sheep's Back natural wool (This is enough to make a small blanket equivalent to 15 squares or approx. 1m x .6m)
- 7mm needles
- 7mm cable needle
- Full colour instructions for 7 different stitch patterns suitable for blankets, use either on their own or combine
- Measuring tape & sewing up needle
- Calico carry bag
If you would like to knit a larger blanket, you can purchase additional wool yarn. As a recommendation a medium size would require 1.4kg total, Large size 2kg total. (Note - this is based on using all garter stitch which produces the heaviest of stitch patterns)
NZ$ 63.00
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