We welcome everyone to visit our gorgeous Alpacas at the farm and view our proudly NZ-made products
We are situated at 506 Rawhitiroa Road, Eltham, en route to the scenic Lake Rotokare Reserve, we have a herd of over 60 Huacaya Alpacas. Our Alpacas have a low impact on the land and are sustainable and environmentally friendly to farm.

We have devoted areas to the planting of native flora and also have a dairy farm with around 500 milking cows, a small mob of Valais Blacknose sheep and two donkeys - plenty of animals to provide entertainment.

Our Shop is open by arrangement only at this stage, as we are stock taking and rearranging.

Experience "The fibre of the Gods" at Moonacre Alpacas's

Wool and cloth made from alpaca fleece was worth its weight in gold in ancient times. This fibre was used as everything from clothing, to construction material, to currency, Royalty wore it.  Bridges were built using it.  Armies were paid with it.

      The Incans called it "the fibre of the gods." 

The art of spinning and weaving alpaca fleece was almost lost centuries ago when the Spanish Conquistadors tried to wipe out South America's alpaca population in an effort to destabilise their economy.  Some alpaca remained, hidden in remote Altiplano.

During the Industrial Revolution, the closely guarded secret of alpaca fleece was rediscovered by the Europeans and this unique fibre was enjoyed once again. Despite alpaca farming going global, there was not enough of this luxury commodity to go around; it lost ground to newer and more cheaply manufactured synthetic fibres.

But the secret was not forgotten. The legacy lives on for a new generation at Moonacre Alpacas.